About Chef Benoit Coquand


I’ve been born and raised in the French countryside in my grand-parents farm surrounded by animals. My family grew vegetables in the garden, all the food we ate came from the farm, and it was seasonal.

I always remember being with my grandmothers and mother in the kitchen helping them cook, make jam and enjoy delicious dishes. Since then my passion for cooking was born and I decided to be a chef to make people happy around the table, expressing my creativity, working with healthy organic products, smelling, touching, transforming what Mother Nature gives us generously.

From a young age I started traveling to different places, experiencing new flavors and cultures, which allows me to offer the best of me as a Chef of International foods. I arrived in the United States in 2014, where I formed my family with my wife and my cat.

I have more than 25 years in the Culinary industry, during my career, I ran my own restaurant in Bora-Bora, worked as a Private Chef, Cooking Instructor, Chef in a five-star resort and Haute Cuisine restaurants. In 2018 I was the winner of the Houston ‘Creative Caesar Salad Competition’, where for the first time in 34 years a vegan dish won that competition.